It is no coincidence that the folk who have been with trump forever are complete unknowns. Visibility is a crime. Speaking out is a capital offense. It is thus that Mr. Priebus and Mr. Bannon have now got a mutual problem. It's the head on the chopping block problem. Or so the story leaks, first from Axios and then all day from everywhere. We shall watch Mr. Trump's Twitter account to see if there are vigorous denials. If not, his silence will not be golden.

Trump has no commitments

Axios informs us there are several sources for this story though it Names none.

If one can hazard a guess it probably makes little difference. When news is galloping out there, the sources recede. If you wish to think that Bannon is a Know Nothing-type America first guy and his leaving will dull that impulse in Trump, think again. If you think Bannon taking off will turn Trump into a globalist like his son-in-law, the securely-employed Mr. Kushner, don't hold your breath. Even when Trump acts, it does not mean he is committed to the course he takes. Trumpcare is evidence of that. Trump wants what he wants. People and details are secondary.


As far as Reince Priebus goes, there is the talk of friction between him and Bannon. That sounds about right, but Trump has been said to like a little rivalry in the ranks.

Like a boy in a candy store, if something looks tastier, grab it. So there is a whole cluster of names of persons who could possibly replace Bannon and Priebus.

The gallery

There is Kevin McCarthy, the House majority leader. There is Wayne Berman of Blackstone Group. Berman advised presidential campaigns and once called Sarah Palin a diva.

There is David Urban who helped Trump win Pennsylvania. Then there is Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs fame who is already Trump's financial adviser.

Crucial point

Trump is at a crucial point which is not good news for Bannon-type renegades. He may be ready to go uptown That might make Cohn the leading contender if the quartet-in-waiting remains intact.

Bannon may end up having the most wounds. He has been around the block forever, moving from thing to thing. But this was sort of the main chance. It would be a major humiliation to be pushed out with the smug face of Jared Kushner peeking out from an upstairs window in the White House.

Trump's quandary

Trump does not need Bannon to remind him of how he got and keeps his base. But he might think twice about letting Bannon go, given the fact that the renegade would have no hesitation retaliating. He is just as disloyal as Trump is. The president is not tweeting about this matter at this point. There appear to be other matters of importance.