A few weeks ago, the Public Party Polling published a poll that did a pretty good job of displaying just how divided Americans were when it came to their feelings for Donald Trump. Based on the results of the poll, Americans are pretty vexed regarding whether or not they want the POTUS impeached. The poll revealed 46 percent of votes want him impeached and 46 percent do not.

Since Trump become President his approval rating across the United States has dropped from 42 percent to 38. This is extremely low when compared to that of his predecessors.

Obama had an approval rating of 76 percent around this time and George Bush had 57 percent. President Ronald Reagan was the only one to even come close to Donald Trump with an approval rating of 51 percent – which is still significantly higher than the current POTUS.

Race and gender are a factor

A closer look at these statistics does confirm what many assumed to be true which was that both race and gender are a factor. Trump’s highest approval ratings are coming from white American males. In fact, an NBS poll revealed just shy of 60 percent of white men approve of him as president while 14 percent of black women also approve of him.

On his policies

There is no denying Trump has made some pretty controversial actions as President thus far.

Statistically 6 out of every 10 voters are against Donald Trump’s decision to build the Mexican border wall. Americans, however, appear to be pretty evenly split when it comes to whether or not they support repealing Obamacare. In just about every poll that has been conducted, however, the majority seem to agree the country is not currently moving in the right direction with Donald Trump as President.

When it comes to the travel and immigration ban, 48 percent of voters believe the POTUS is just using it to be racist towards Muslims. Statistically, only about 40 percent of voters appear to be supportive of his travel ban.

Statistics and figures tend to speak louder than words. And – statistically – it does not appear as if Americans know for sure whether or not they like the current POTUS. Is America moving in the right direction? It doesn’t look like anyone really knows for sure.