For many Americans, the first 3 months with Donald Trump as president have been chaotic. Our Commander In Chief has not settled in and become more presidential as many in this nation had desired. This first 100 days have been full of drama, lies, manipulation, fake news and alternate facts. A segment of America considers his time in office thus far to be a disappointment.

The 45th president and the numbers game

President Trump likes to win and always wants to come out on top. Even though he won the electoral college, he was troubled that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

He began his term saying that more than 3,000 illegal votes were cast in the election. And that they all went to his rival, Mrs. Clinton. There was suppose to be an investigation, but nothing more came of the matter. This was just another case of Donald Trump using fake news.

The POTUS also said that he had a larger crowd at his inauguration than his predecessor Barack Obama. News media photos showed that Obama clearly had more people in attendance, but President Trump would not agree. He next said that former President Obama had wiretapped Trump Towers, and collaborating information would soon come forth. It never did, and the matter was dropped.

Twitter Tweets and Russia

Our 45th commander in chief continues to misuse Twitter as a bully pulpit.

He will attack anyone who does not agree with him or those who have said not-so-flattering things about him. In addition to Barack Obama, our 45th president has insulted Hillary Clinton, house democrats, fellow republicans, news reporters, celebrities, and world leaders. On April 26th Twitter clapped back. When the POTUS asked for birthday wishes for his wife Melania, he was met by a barrage of negative tweets instead.

And of course the Russia scandal has not yet been resolved. This is one of the biggest issues for Americans. The people want the truth, but we have not received it.

Conclusion of the first three months

Many Americans believed that Donald Trump would settle down and become a responsible leader of the free world within his first 100 days.

Here we are after them, and there has not been any indication that he is willing to change. He was elected as is, and obviously believes his supporters desire him to stay the same. The atmosphere set by his negative campaign has brought out the worst in many U.S. citizens. Muslims, Jews, Latinos, African Americans and the LBGTQ community all have reported a spike in hate crimes and intolerance since President Trump was elected.

There is a growing outcry over the fact that his wife remained in New York, and it's costing $146,000 daily to protect her and her son. Many U.S. citizens do not like the fact that Melania has thus far been mostly AWOL from her position as first lady. She is slated to move into the White House in June, which will take care of that matter.

Unfortunately for the American people, other issues cannot be resolved as quickly. There is growing concern because some experts indicate the president is not mentally competent to be commander in chief. And there is every indication that should Donald Trump remain in office, we will be in for more of the same, until his 4 year term is up. For that reason, a number of those residing in the United States, are giving our 45th president a failing grade.