A new poll by Pew Research indicates that more supporters of Hillary Clinton indicate they wish they had voted differently, than those who voted for Donald Trump. Even so, experts are now weighing in, saying that President Donald Trump is showing signs of serious mental illness, and is not fit for office. His loyal supporters laugh and say that the election is over, and we should all move on, but should we?

The evidence grows

His supporters believe those who oppose the president are dealing with a sour grapes attitude. They are not looking at the growing evidence of an unstable man leading this nation.

Donald Trump had an opportunity to prove himself worthy of the office he holds. Instead, just shy of his first 100 days, he has exhibited dangerous behaviors. He has made unfounded claims against former president Barack Obama. He is obsessed with the crowd size at his inauguration. He is tweeting non-stop regarding presidential issues, and bad- mouthing world leaders. Donald Trump is a mad man on the loose who needs to be stopped. His behavior is not just a danger to this nation. Donald Trump holds a position where he has the power to impact the entire world.

Trump supporters have blinders on

Those who support President Trump are choosing to ignore the warning signs that he is not a stable man.

The ruthless behavior that helped him succeed in the business world is not what is needed for a leader of the free world. The Donald is a 70-year-old male who is unschooled in the ways of political diplomacy. He is more than likely not interested in learning at this point in his life.

His lack of political prowess, the emotional issues the professionals are picking up on, and the mannerisms that made him a successful businessman are a combination that keeps him from being presidential.

His loyal followers will continue to say that the election is over, that Hillary lost, and Obama is no longer in office. This way they do not have to admit that they have elected a mad man to lead the free world -- one who is not fit to hold the office.

All U.S. presidents have those who disagree with them, but something is different with President Donald Trump.

There is actual fear in many U.S. citizens that this president may start World War 3, and/or that he will make choices that cause the poorest among us to be without food and medical care. Others are saying that he will destroy the progress made in this nation for rights of the LBGTQ community and minorities.

How can any American be happy with a president that is not for all the people? The experts say that the president is paranoid and delusional, and will make irrational decisions. They believe it is dangerous to have him in office. Someone with the proper authority should be looking into this, and taking the proper steps to protect the American people, and the world.