During the 2016 president elections there were allegations of Russian interference in the process with the intention of helping Republican nominee Donald Trump defeat Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. It was an unexpected defeat for the Democrats and they feel that a post-mortem of that allegation is necessary to arrive at the truth. They fear that the Trump administration may try to cover up its ties to Russia by deleting emails, texts and other records that could help the investigation to establish the fact that Russia did interfere. Therefore, White House lawyers have issued instructions to the President's aides to preserve each all materials that could have even the remotest connection to Russia and its so-called interference.

Why the White House instructions

Democrats are still unable to come to terms with the reality that their candidate Hillary Clinton lost to a better opponent. They believe that an external agency was involved who played a crucial role in ensuring that it was Donald Trump who becomes the next President of the United States and the finger of suspicion pointed to Russia.

Hence White House has taken action and all its members, as well as the law enforcement agencies, are asked to retain each and every piece of material that may throw light on the possible Russian links in the election process. The Senate intelligence committee has been given the responsibility to unearth the facts and they are expected to ask organizations, agencies, and even individuals to preserve whatever records they have in their custody.

The shadow of Russia in the election

President Trump has asserted that he is ignorant about any role Russia has played to influence the outcome of the election. White House has tried to discredit the report saying that allegation of links between the President and Russia were not only false but also politically motivated.

However, questions have come up about the role of his advisers in the election and federal investigators are inquiring into possible links between them and Russia.

Simultaneously, congressional committees have been set up to investigate whether Russia had a hand in the political hacking of the opponents during the campaign.

Any election has a winner and a loser and, when the result is an unexpected one, it is natural that there will be doubts in the minds of the people. This is one such a situation and the investigation should expose the truth.