It's time for some show and tell. I contend that there is some News that is real news and some news that, however real it is, is not as important as you might think. My case will be made with reference to what is clearly news: Donald Trump. My argument will be that the plethora of stories revolving around Rachel Maddow and trump taxes is vastly less important, thus worthy of attention, than the fate of healthcare in America. I think it is so obvious it is a truism and I am not alone.

Google does not lie

I type in health care on Google and get 1,480,000,000 results.

I type in Trump taxes and get 80,000,000 results. I type in breaking news trump taxes and get 7,830,000 results. I type in breaking news health care and get back10,800,000 results.

I check Moments which is, in essence, Twitter's front page and get Rachel Maddow in a large portrait followed by much to do about what turns out to be a portion of Trump's 2005 tax returns. More significantly, there is not one mention of healthcare among the 20 or so offerings Twitter suggests to their users.

Twitter is better than that

Without question, Twitter has more insight to offer on any issue than almost any site.

This is because most of those who spend their lives thinking, whether they are known or unknown, have Twitter accounts. I think Twitter got Obamacare passed and I think Twitter will be instrumental in defeating Trumpcare. But if we are asking what the most important story is, Twitter is wrong. Healthcare wins hands down.

How can we distinguish between substance and fluff?

My suggestion is that we must look to universal values and ask regarding anything we are considering: How does it relate to tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy? How does it relate to what I most value? Health relates in terms of the body's capacity to tolerate things and the need we all have for help whenever we are sick.

Democracy suggests all have a right to the same level of care.

Trump taxes relates to the behavior of our President. Measured by the values I suggest Trump's taxes in small bites are minor compared to health as it is unfolding. If millions stand to lose care it is more important to see that than to argue about the finances of a man who is all over the map when it comes to the truth about how much he has or does not have. Knowing what the president thinks about healthcare gets closer to the truth than knowing what he did or did not report to the IRS.