Twitter persists but it is not without problems. Any change breeds objections. Few changes are welcomed with open arms. The last one I remember was Obama winning the first nomination. Remember Grant Park? We'll get to the Egg problem. But first, consider the Twitter Ads problem. Reviews of the company have not been stupendous and there are some who say that since Users are all the company really is it should base its business around them.

The Google model

Google built its model on the most simple and stupendously successful premise of all. They enabled users of the service to turn it into profit for themselves.

That has to be the basis for capitalism that actually works. Now Twitter created a model which for ages made no money. When the business tried to make some money things moved in precisely the opposite direction from Google. Instead of cutting users in, they cut them out. Instead of allowing users to profit from their formidable effort to create interesting streams, they inundated them with ads that said we can help you grow your following.

Can you imagine how followings would have grown if it had been profitable to users? The trick would have been to turn profile pages into revenue streams. Twitter is too inured to its present mode even to listen to such an argument.

Now to the image

Yes, Twitter, as the tweet says, is ditching its iconic egg and is now more Eggs Benedict.

My thought is, who cares? It is a transition but there is really no Twitter to transit to. I say that with some 200K plus followers, around 80K utterly inactive and inaccessible. I would have to pay to flush them out. My actual reach with a tweet is maybe 1000 to a max of around 3000 impressions. I can't even reach folk who might be interested.

So much for following.

The egg people

The egg has never bothered me because some of the smartest voices are egg people. When I see what the company puts in place of the egg, I figure the contrary folk who will not put up their own picture are not going to be moved by a drab successor image.

I love Twitter because it is not Facebook and for all I have said, we need someplace to be found and where we can do our short form thing. But their business heads need a serious makeover.