epa is engaged in an ongoing effort to destroy the health and wellbeing of Americans. This effort is conducted by the White House and its current main occupant, President Donald trump. According to an action taken this week, if you have a mortal fear of vomiting or dizziness or diarrhea, duck. Because if you inhale a little commercially-available bug spray you will be at risk.

Is this one of the things Trump promised in the campaign? Probably not. But since he has taken over everything, we can rest assured that he is on the warpath against us all.

The worst will surely be done.


This is the Chemical additive Barack Obama had the temerity to outlaw. Chlorpyrifos is a toxic chemical that leads to a bland sort of genocide.Scott Pruitt, chief of Endangerment Poisoning and Aggravation (EPA) favors restoring it. Mr. Trump knows how to pick the right people. He did not have to tell Pruitt to go toxic. It was a natural impulse.

What do we do?

We might pray for divine intervention. Replacing Pruitt is probably ineffective since Trump's minions are more or less interchangeable. One could stop eating. The chemical gets into fruits and vegetables. Lord knows what regulations are left to be rolled back, affecting the toxicity of the rest of our food.

Leaving the country might work.

For Trump harm is not being rich

Trump wants to end regulation of lethal substances that so the rich can make more and more money and afford organic unpolluted food. Most things that EPA has been concerned with are harmful to making more and more money. If the price of this is condemning your baby an unspeakable death, so be it.

Pruitt investigation

We seem to be getting knee deep in investigations. Pruitt apparently has an almost symbiotic relationship to fossil fuel interests. The Oklahoma Bar Association thinks he is unfit to serve as head of EPA.

Pruitt has not offered any comment yet on this late breaking development.

The aha moment

Finally, we get it. Maybe Trump is not a mad nuclear bomber. Maybe he is just building his own fortune and that of the one percent. This is about making money for those who already have money. If you have money you will get tax cuts and dividends and anything you are willing to pay for. And the rest of us will be dizzy and nauseated. You know the rest.