Donald Trump does executive orders like unprepared adolescents write term papers at the last minute filled with what gamblers call tells. A tell is exactly what the word suggests, a clue to what the player is holding. In Donald Trump's case, his hand is a loser. He is woefully unprepared. There is a big difference between him and the kid from high school though. He is the President of the United States. He probably could not win a high school student council election. Still, he is in charge of what used to be the free world. Now it is the world on edge.

The climate fiasco

Mr. Trump's most recent executive order is not only a recipe for disaster that practically every scientist in the world thinks is absurd. It is also an example of careless work, an indication that the man has failed in precisely the area he claimed was his strong suit. An actual president would have had a whole staff of experts creating a document that could survive court challenges. Environmental groups are already lining up to go to court on Trump's climate musings.

Paris trashed by Trump

Donald Trump may indeed be condemning the world to severe climate conditions that will surely come if we do not go at least as far as the Paris Agreement ceiling of no more than 3.6 degrees of warming.

If the president has his way we will be knee deep in floods, drought, rising oceans and plummeting food-availability. Trump's order zaps the Clean Power Plan of president Obama, essential to meeting the Paris benchmarks. Trump used the signing of his flawed order to celebrate the return of coal and a fossil fuel economy.

Trump invites the world to shared chaos

If the Paris Agreement becomes toast we are to blame. President Obama had us on the absolute minimum course toward ecological sanity. Donald Trump has us on a hell bent plunge toward insanity.

Think about it. If Russia and China know the US is reneging on Paris they will be happy to do one of two things. They can get very smart and take the lead in green and condemn us to the skies for having a stupid President who acts like a deranged teenager. Or they can forget to try to reach the benchmarks. They have known suffering in ways we cannot even imagine. The answer? Trump is the one who needs to be locked up.