Students who attend college can easily become confused by the myriad of classes offered to them. There are some general requirements, but most liberal arts schools allow students to select classes that suit their own interests. These types of classes often span across a wide variety of disciplines, including journalism, philosophy, and history. But there's one type of class that I would highly recommend to College Students: Public Speaking.

Content of the Class.

The introduction to the class began with a general overview of public speaking techniques that the professor had observed throughout his life.

In his teaching, my professor immaculately exemplifies the perfect technique, moving from side to side and making the gestures necessary for an effective public speaker. And why wouldn't he? In real life, he's a lawyer who tries to convince juries of his position.

The class features a speech almost every week, which forces students to learn how to speak effectively in just one semester. The generally open nature of the topics allows students to speak on topics they are passionate about, something that brings out the best in each student's speech.

Why Take it?

I don't care what class level a student is, this class offers practical skills that can be used in life. When a person needs to make a presentation, that person will be speaking to a group of people that they do not necessarily know.

A business pitch requires both passion and effective public speaking to succeed. And in any situation where a speaker is required, a trained public speaker should be more than comfortable offering up his/her services for the task.

And it's fun! Prior to this class, I was terrified of public speaking. Multiple presentations in the business school couldn't make me comfortable with the idea of talking effectively in front of people.

In this class, I've learned to accept that nerves are normal and have become more comfortable with the idea of public speaking.

I strongly recommend that college students out there choose to take a public speaking course at the first available opportunity. It's provided plenty of value for me, and it will help equip college students with a skill they can use for life.