The Green Bay Packers haven't been too active in NFL Free agency up to this point. They re-signed one player and signed two more, but they have let go of a lot of their talented and reliable players from last season. With the Packers needing more talent if they want to be a dominant team in the NFC, they better get started quickly, as there are very few players left that they could use for their services.

Leaving talent

Many Packers players have left to test the market in free agency. Arguably their best defensive back in Micah Hyde left Green Bay to see what he could get in free agency.

Reliable pass rusher Julius Peppers decided to return home to the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay released Sam Shields earlier in the offseason. Jared Cook left the Packers as well, leaving a hole in the tight end spot. The Packers have many spots they need to fill, but they are letting these spots go unfilled up to this point.

The biggest hole that was exposed last season was in their pass defense. The Packers' pass defense was one of the worst in the league, getting shredded at any opportunity. They have done little to address this, letting some of their best talent at that position leave, and not signing any notable talent to replace them. Nobody knows what the Green Bay front office is doing, but they must not want to win, as a pass defense is critical in today's NFL.

Unimpressive signings

The Packers have made some signings, but most of them haven't been worthy of high praise. Their best move is when the team signed former Patriots TE Martellus Bennett to a two-year $20.25 million deal with $6.6 million of that guaranteed. This fills the hole Jared Cook left, and gives the Packers another playmaker at the tight end position.

They also signed TE Lance Kendricks. This move wasn't all too great, as he is mainly insurance, and Kendricks hasn't put all the pieces together in his NFL career so far.

They have also resigned Nick Perry to a five-year $60 million deal, with $18.5 million of it guaranteed. Perry is a player who really hasn't lived up to his first round selection, but had 11 sacks last season, so it looks like he is putting it together.

But the Packers might've overpaid for him, as Pro Football Focus said that based on his play he should've made a five-year $28.5 million deal, with $9 million of that guaranteed. He has more to prove, but the Packers probably had to overpay to keep him.

The Packers signed DB Davon House to a one-year deal on Tuesday. House is a player on the verge of stardom, but needs more playing time in order to make an impact. Green Bay has made a small step in fixing their pass defense, but they need much more than an unproven player. They have many more holes to fill, specifically at the running back spot and pass rush positions. The Packers need to start making moves, or they won't have the 2017 season they want to have.