Animal cruelty is a huge problem worldwide, and Dog Fighting is a significant aspect of that abuse. The fighting of dogs is performed for the sadistic pleasure of spectators who bet on the winners of the events. Dog fighting in the United States engages specific breeds that are raised, trained and conditioned to fight, most often to the death of one of the animals in the ring. The injured animals may die due to severe injuries, broken bones and puncture wounds that can lead to shock, dehydration, blood loss, exhaustion and infection. In addition to the “fighters” in the ring, other animals involved in this barbaric practice includes other “bait” animals used in training.

Despite the clear brutality of dog fighting, a Republican Congressman from Iowa doesn’t believe this form of “entertainment” should be unlawful.

Congressman Steve King's comments on dog fighting

Animal activists have had concerns about dog fighting, taking stringent measures to stop the abuse. When Congressman King stated he favors such abusive activities involving animals, many were outraged and irate, especially when hearing his reasoning for the statements made. King believes that, since humans are still allowed to fight one another for others' pleasure, there is no reason that these dogs should be exempt from such practices.

When speaking out at a town hall interview, King was adamant about his views without realizing the fundamental differences between humans fighting and dogs doing the same.

Humans always have a choice when engaging in the sport of fighting or wrestling. They are not forced to participate in the practice like a dog without any options. Dogs are defenseless in this decision to fight totally against their will, resulting in fatalities while others watch the blood bath, cheering and betting on who will come out alive!

Congressman King is no stranger to the animal rights community

Reporters for discovered that Congressman King is not a stranger to the animal rights community. They found that:

  • King shot a raccoon in 2010 when the helpless creature tried to find shelter in his home during a storm
  • He opposed the 1012 farm bill and the McGovern amendment involving dog fighting and bringing children to the events
  • He was also one of those opposed to increasing penalties for the transportation of fighting animals in 2007 when going across state lines

It is clear that Iowa Congressman King has no regard for animals.

He does not understand the difference between humans making their own choices and animals who have no say in what people force them to do, often people they love and trust. They have no say. The representative needs to understand that while we all believe in free speech, his statements are unacceptable and outrageous.