On the day that Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president, he quickly came under fire for referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "murderers" and "rapists." Trump would go on to promise that he would build a wall at the Southern border, which now has its own replica model.

Trump's border wall

Donald Trump made many controversial comments and statement during his campaign for president, but it was his hard-line stance on illegal immigration that was his bread and butter. Illegal immigration became so synonyms with Trump that he would routinely have his supporters cheer that Mexico would cover the funding.

While Trump never went into too much detail about the wall itself, the president-elect has made it clear that it would be one of his top priorities. As reported by The Hill on January 13, a replica scale model of the proposed border wall has been released to the public.

Joining in on a sit-down interview with Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa on Friday was Gen. John Kelly, who was nominated by Donald Trump to become the next Secretary of Homeland Security. As expected, Kelly is also a supporter of building a Southern border wall to combat illegal immigration, something that King is also on board with.

Taking to his official Twitter account Friday afternoon, King snapped a photo of himself with Kelly, showing the two sitting in front of a scale model of the Trump proposed border wall.

"Excellent Trump appointment for Secretary of Homeland Security, General John Kelly & I discuss border security with my wall model on table," Steve King posted on his Twitter account.

Judging from the model, the wall appears to be representing what would be a 20 foot structure, complete with barbed wire running in circles along the top. While the design could change before the final proposal hits Congress, it's expected that King's model is close to what the former host of "The Apprentice" has in mind.

Mexico responds

Despite the president-elect claiming that Mexico would pay for the border wall, there appears to be a catch. Donald Trump is now asking Congress to front the money using American taxpayer funds, which would be paid back, in theory, by Mexico at a later date. However, in response to Trump's rhetoric, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said the country would not pay for any proposed border wall.