Donald Trump is a man who knows business better than politics and the immigration ban that he wanted to impose on citizens of seven specific countries was severely criticized. The President could have been testing the waters before taking the final decision. This thought comes to mind because, after the initial uproar, he agreed to have a relook at it and modify it suitably. And, he has been putting it off. The latest information on this subject is that he will not sign a new ban until later in the week.

Trump is buying himself time

As per the earlier plan, he was expected to sign a new refugee and immigration executive order on the day after addressing lawmakers at a joint session of Congress.

However, that has been held in abeyance. One of the reasons is that the revised travel ban should be flawless which is as good as admitting that the previous one did have faults.

In this connection, former CIA Director John Brennan has expressed his opinion on President Trump’s proposed executive order which imposed a ban on travel to the United States from seven predominantly Muslim nations. Brennan feels it was not an antidote for terrorism and adds that such actions would not be of much help to fight terrorism.

Brennan is an experienced man in the field and his idea is that the focus of the administration should be on activities related to terrorism like online recruitment of terrorists. One’s country of origin is not an important criterion to decide on who could be a potential terrorist when deciding how to bar such persons from the entering the United States.

Merely being the citizen of a particular country is not an indicator of a potential terrorist.

Trump’s dilemma

Imposing a ban on immigration was high on the agenda of Donald Trump before he became the President and to show to the world that he meant what he said, he went ahead and slammed the travel ban but it backfired. He was forced to put it in temporary cold storage.

It was a hasty decision and he realized that it needed to be spruced up to make it more attractive and palatable.

There is no doubt that a ban is on the cards and one has to wait to see what shape it will finally take.