Breitbart released a video last week, that showed house speaker Paul Ryan saying he would never support Donald Trump. Since that time, Ryan has done an abrupt about face. He is now very supportive. Yesterday, President Trump initially praised the house speaker for all he did to overhaul the affordable care act..

It's now being reported however, that in private President Trump is expressing regret that he went along with Paul Ryan's plan to overhaul the ACA. Other Republicans are also placing blame on Ryan, because Obamacare was not repealed and replaced.

Is Obamacare an epic fail?

If we are to believe President Trump, Paul Ryan and other Republicans, then the ACA is an epic fail, and it is only a matter of time, before it becomes completely undone. The Republicans have been working overtime instilling fear in the hearts of Americans regarding the problems with Obamacare. The constant rhetoric of how weak the Affordable Care Act is is causing concern among many Americans.

Are the members of the GOP telling us the truth? Is Obamacare truly about to fall apart, or are Republicans simply overzealous to remove the plan set in motion by the former president? One can't help but notice that Republicans seem obsessed with removing every trace of Barack Obama from the White House.

They come across as if they desire to ruin his name. I do not remember any former president being so disrespected after leaving office.

The tables turned

It's interesting that everything Paul Ryan and the Trump administration have done to discredit Obama seems to have returned to them in spades. They boasted of dismantling the ACA, and it is still intact.

Republicans gave Obama a hard time while in office but he left without a major scandal. The current administration has been filled with controversy and continual drama, and scandal from day one.

When talking about the defeat of the American Health Care Act, Paul Ryan looked weary, as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

And indeed he does. His fellow Republicans and the president have turned the tables on him. They are laying the blame squarely on his shoulders, and perhaps this is where it should be. Ryan and crew should have done unto Barak Obama what they now want done to them.

They now expect Democrats to be bipartisan, when they were not. They desire respect for Donald Trump, and understanding of the AHCA, when they continue to drag ObamaCare through the mud. The former president was challenged at every turn. Perhaps Paul Ryan and cronies are simply reaping now what they sowed for 8 years.