Breitbart News is reporting that Friday was the worst day in the presidency of Donald Trump, because the attempts to dismantle the affordable care act, were an epic failure. That worst day continues as even today, 3 days later, celebrities continue to rejoice on Twitter because Obamacare boomeranged on the president. Paul Ryan, President Trump, and other Republicans were so focused on removing the legacy of Barack Obama, that they were not in tune with the American people.

They continued to ignore testimony after testimony from Americans who praised ObamaCare.

Men and women who said they might have died if it had not been for the Affordable Care Act. The president and house Republicans did not consider the reality, that as many as 26 million Americans would lose insurance coverage.

Bill Maher weighs in

Even comedian Bill Maher is weighing in, by ripping The Donald and Republicans to shreds. Earlier in the month The Huffington Post reported that Maher said Donald Trump was taking Americans for a ride, and had referred to the president as a used car salesman. Two nights ago on his show, "Real Time with Bill Maher" the controversial funny man compared the Republicans' failure to defeat ObamaCare with a man who could not perform sexually.

Republicans need to regroup

The disharmony within the GOP is not going to help them in moving forward. The Associated Press just reported that the Republicans had been finger pointing, as they were assessing their loss for the entire weekend. It's time these politicians put their defeat regarding ObamaCare behind them.

President Donald Trump and the GOP must regroup.

The needs of all American people must come first. Representative Ryan Costello said the Republicans need to know when the time is right to address the issue of replacing the ACA again. Perhaps they should first consider what is best for their constituents and decide if they should even revisit the ObamaCare issue. If they move too soon, they might be in the same spot they are in right now.