WINNERS from the healthcare disaster are happy

Obama is the biggest winner from Friday's healthcare repeal loss, since his signature achievement in the nation has survived Republican in fighting. Considering this is a moment when the Senate and the House are controlled by those who have wanted the affordable care act destroyed, it's a remarkable feat that it survived at all. And Obama must be smiling a very big smile.

On Friday afternoon Trump claimed that the Affordable Care Act would die its own death, from it's own inadequacies. He also didn’t promise to enact a second chance of killing the Act, instead claiming that he would alter parts of it it in tandem with congressional Democrats.

Obama's legacy as a president has been definitely strengthened, and some are even saying that this lasting healthcare reform of his could place give him historical significance.

It must also not be forgotten that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California displayed the sort of authority over her party that many saw lacking in Paul Ryan. She had everyone in line in the democratic party and they unanimously voted against the bill.