Even before he took the oath of office, there were Americans trying to find ways to remove Donald Trump as our 45th Commander In Chief. His detractors took to the streets, with chants of treason and impeachment. President Donald Trump has continued to inspire strong reactions from his supporters as well as those who oppose him.

On Thursday, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters tweeted that Donald Trump should prepare to be impeached. Ms. Waters is believing there will be proof positive, that the President and his associates were in collusion with Russia.

She is not alone in her desire to see the president removed from office. While Ms. Waters is looking to our judicial system, others are seeking help from higher powers.

Religious communities seeking divine intervention

Religious communities are invoking their higher power of choice to intervene regarding the president. There are people in the Christian community whose churches feel it is their duty to pray for our nations' leaders. They keep the first family and government officials on prayer lists. These individuals are praying for President Trump's success.

Other believers in divine intervention are asking for a miracle that will relieve The Donald of his presidential duties. There is a Facebook page set up by Wiccans who are casting spells, and are determined to do so until the president is eventually forced from office.

The law will decide

This is the first time in my 40 years of voting, that I have noticed such extreme attitudes toward a sitting president. If there is irrefutable evidence that President Trump and his associates were in conspiracy with the Russians, this will indeed be an impeachable offense. The judicial system will work itself out, and our president may find himself without a job.

This will no doubt be a long, drawn out process, until the Russian issue is finalized.

The end result

If our 45th president should be forced from office, the witches will say their spells worked. The Christians praying for impeachment will say God answered their prayers. It may sound crazy but both can be true. There are numerous bible stories in the Old Testament, where The Almighty allowed the enemies of His chosen people to have their way, and tragedy happened.

If the end result is our 45th Commander-in-Chief staying in office, we will know the forces of darkness had no power.