Over the last year and a half, Donald Trump has made many enemies, but enough friends and supporters to win him the election last November. Though Trump might be the new commander in chief, some of his biggest fans are not happy with what he has been focusing on.

Coulter on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced his campaign for president back in June 2015, most people wrote him off as a joke candidate. However, as the months moved forward, the former host of "The Apprentice" picked up steam and was able to withstand 16 Republican opponents on his way to the party's nomination.

As Trump went on to defeat Hillary Clinton to become the new commander in chief, one person who stood by his side through all the ups and downs was conservative author Ann Coulter. After two months in office, Trump has been forced to deal with a constant stream of controversy, and as seen on Twitter on March 21, Coulter is starting to lose her patience with the president.

In response to Mexican President Vicente Fox mocking Donald Trump for his low approval ratings, Ann Coulter responded with a criticism of her own.

"OTOH, Trump numbers dropping is significant. Trump got elected for wall, deportations & trade," Coulter tweeted, before hitting the president by adding, "Instead he's doing tax cuts & Obamacare Lite."

In a follow-up tweet, Ann Coulter appeared to criticize Donald Trump for his hypocritical move of hiring former Goldman Sachs employees to his administration, while railing against them during the election.

"The beauty of Trump was he didn't need donors. He got 1% of Goldman Sachs' vote. HE DOESN'T OWE THEM ANYTHING," she tweeted, before noting, "Let's do immigration & trade!" Not stopping there, Coulter sent out several more tweets, slamming the Republican's new health care bill, while continuing to call for more focus on immigration.

Coutler's retweet

In addition, Ann Coulter re-tweeted a comment that called for Donald Trump to do his "f**king job" in regards to his immigration plan. "@realDonaldTrump do you your fucking job and start arresting American employers that have hired illegals aliens instead of American worker's," the original tweet read. While Coulter is not pleased, she still is in support of the billionaire real estate mogul, but shows no signs of hiding her anger.