When Donald Trump's Laptop ban on flights departing specific Muslim-majority countries to the US and UK was pronounced, business people the world over groaned in displeasure at the thought of not having devices to log precious work hours onboard with.

But there was also another group who rolled their eyes in dismay: parents. Parents the world over have gotten very comfortable traveling with kids for long hours on flights by entertaining little ones on tablets.

A demographic are disappointed

And with the new laptop ban, only cellphones will be allowed onboard.

And that’s not really enough action for the 4-14 year old set who, these days, can only be distracted with large screens and fancy games. Doesn't Donald Trump understand the agony of having unstimulated kids on long flights?

"Making kids sit through a 14 hour flight with no screens to distract is a form of terrorism," a Twitter user wrote dryly.

So what can parents do to entertain their kids? Some parents pack bags full of stickers and craft and art supplies, but the risk there is that glitter glue ends up on the seats and stickers end up on parent's and children's arms. Audio books are another idea, and can be stored on cell phones, but if you have more than one kid than you'll need more than one phone for this to happen.

Which makes for a lot of disgruntled parents in certain parts of the world.