So is there a threat on US and UK bound flights from Muslim majority airport hubs? That's what the world was left wondering on Tuesday after conflicting reports by both the US and UK media.

Trump's electronic ban

On Tuesday Donald Trump placed a Ban on electronics bigger than Cell Phones on flights hailing from 10 airports in Muslim-majority countries. The UK surprised the world by following suit. And people are stumped. The public are left wondering whether there was a specific threat or not.

On Monday morning American officials at a briefing to the press said there was no specific threat.

Then on Tuesday afternoon reports started circulating out that suggested there was a threat and these measures were in response to that.

The BBC reported the US ban on electronic devices as a preliminary anti-terrorist precaution. The New York Times reported it as just precautionary.

The ban covers inbound US bound flights on those non-US airlines coming out of 10 airports. Cell phones are not affected.

The British ban, announced only hours later is very similar but applies to different airlines.