Donald trump has stirred a hornet's nest. In a TV interview just before the Superbowl, conducted by the National Football league, he defended Putin. When the interviewer Bill O'Reilly referred to him as a killer, Donald replied that there were many in America as well. His exact words were: "We have a lot of killers, boy, you think our country is so innocent?" To date, no American president has ever defended a russian leader in this way. Throughout the election campaign, Donald hammered away at Obama and China while he conspicuously avoided saying anything about Putin.

This itself should have been a clue to the thinking of Donald. This creates a mystery and one wonders whether Putin may have some information up his sleeve that could compromise Donald.

A revolutionary president

Donald has other points as well which are nothing but revolutionary. He would not mind joint operations with Russia against ISIS, and radical Islamic outfits. He also feels that NATO is now obsolete. He repeatedly singles out Islamic terror groups and even a naive man will know that this singling out of an entire community is only going to strenghten ISIS and other such groups. Even his ban on Islamic nations for travel to the USA was just a cosmetic exercise, as he left out the countries who sent the attackers to the USA.

He also left out Pakistan which sheltered Osama Bin Laden for years and supports the Haqqani faction in Afghanistan -- which is responsible for many murders and killings of US soldiers and leaders of the Afghan government.

Much ado about nothing

There is a possibility that Putin has nothing on Donald, and the American president genuinely admires the Russian leader.

The idea that the Russian leader has something on Donald may be purely speculation without any factual base. If one goes through the train of thinking of Donald, one realizes that he likes strong men, and leaders who take decisive action. This is a clue to his mental makeup, and perhaps, his defense of Putin has a simple explanation.