Vladimir Putin (in a statement) has denied that Russia had any information on Trump. He has also dismissed the unsubstantiated news floating around that Donald Trump while in Moscow got hold of some Russian women from the lowest rung to indulge in carnal activities. The news was brought out after a dark hint that the Russians had some secret information on Trump. The timing of the report just before the inauguration was to show the world that Donald was unfit to be president and the Russians had helped him win. Putin has claimed Russian girls are the best, but the chance of Donald indulging in such an act defied probability.

The President-elect has termed the news as fake. He has denied all the allegations.

The escapade

The news about Donald's escapade is not verified and it is a surprise that it came out this late, with the swearing in ceremony just days away. The Russian president feels it's manufactured news, as Trump was conducting beauty contests all along. Donald has ruffled a lot of feathers, and it was assumed that by publicizing his earlier comments on women he would lose. The national press also played ball with Gallup polls that show that Donald was a sure loser to Hillary. As we have seen, all the polls initially projecting Hillary Clinton the winner did not, ultimately, garner her the presidency.

Attacking Trump

Donald won despite all the Gallup polls and statements by his opponents that he did not deserve to win. Many even in the GOP united against the candidate. When Donald won, a last ditch effort was made to show that Trump won by questionable means. The Russian hacking issue was given the status of gospel truth followed by this hotel incident.

If there was any truth in this, his opponents would have publicized it much earlier.

Last word

The Russian president has supported Donald, and his public denial of any secret information on Donald is perhaps true. His opponents chaffing at his win will, however, not like it. Rarely has a US President-elect faced such hostility even before he sat in the chair.