During the Trump campaign, one surrogate in particular consistently tried to draw comparisons between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan. However, presidential scholars are finding that the current president has more in common with Nixon, which includes public battles with journalists and authoritarian-like proclivities. After his inauguration, Nixon faced large protests across the nation, albeit they were largely anti-Vietnam war demonstrations. Nixon had previously promised to end the war. Just two weeks into the White House, Trump also faced massive protests, but they continue to address everything from the anger of a travel ban to calling for his impeachment.

The one striking caveat in demonstrations against Trump is that they are worldwide. As time went on, Nixon’s paranoia grew. He and his loyal staff would often avoid scrutinizing cameras by staying holed up in the White House. Trump tends to keep to himself, allowing only those he feels are most loyal to him to stay within his orbit.

Similarities or influence?

Nixon developed a “law and order” mantra for 1968 presidential campaign and is a familiar theme from Trump’s rhetoric. The president even echoes a 1968 ad where Nixon exploited the issues of crime back in the day by threatening to send the Feds to Chicago. Trump bashes those who oppose him via Twitter. Nixon flashed unflattering images of protesters to woo his base.

Nixon and Trump will both be remembered for having combative relationships with the media, who Trump refers to as the opposition party.

Nixon wrote a letter urging Trump to run for office

Donald Trump once went on Fox News and showed a letter written to him by Richard Nixon. The letter, written by Nixon in 1987, congratulated the real estate mogul for his appearance on “The Phil Donahue Show.” Interestingly, Trump opined on the show that other countries should compensate the U.S.

for providing military protection. A “pay to play” stance he still carries today. Nixon wrote that it was his wife. Pat, who actually watched the program and who he felt was an expert on Politics. He stated, Pat predicts that whenever Trump decides to run for office, he will win.

Nixon ignored the protests, which really did not subside or disappear until he left office. It turned out that demonstrators had it right all along about his character and untrustworthiness. Did Nixon pass on the baton of his legacy?