Roasting Trump on a Saturday night just took the lib dems into an exciting hashtag entertainment craze. Now everyone can find something fun to do with their weekend, especially if they are liberal democrats. Forget hula hoops, soda fountains, chilling with friends or going to the movies. Why not follow the trend and spend a great night roasting Donald Trump?

Trump roasting on the weekend - what fun!

The latest tending Trump roast on Twitter is stufftrumpisafraidof and while there are some stalwart Trump supporters having their say about what Trump is afraid of, they are in the minority.

Trump supporters have probably got a life and are having friends around for a barbecue, having family snow fights or having a foot-stomping time at a barn dance.

There are two types of people in Ameria right now - people who hate Trump and people who love him. The ones who hate him just like to roast him! Bored dot com must be plunging down the Alexa rankings as now Donald Trump is president the liberal democrats have plenty of opportunities to keep themselves amused on Twitter. It must be a nice change from ranting about apartheid, legalizing mary jane and worrying about the rain forests.

American crazes and fads could change the world as we know it

Every generation has its fads and crazes and America leads the way in all things entertainment across the world. From Somalia to India and so far away we don't know where it is New Zealand, American baseball cards were traded and Mickey Mouse was the best cartoon character.

We can only hope that this new form of lib dem entertainment stays within the USA and other isolated pockets where the lib dems gather, like the UK and Cape Town.

What sort of world will it be if Abdul forgets to watch the goats in Somalia because he was having too much fun trashing Trump on the stufftrumpisafraidof hashtag?

What on earth would Africa's most popular restaurant - Joe's Beer House in Namibia do if everyone just stayed in on Saturday night to roast Trump? An African iconic experience would have to shut down due to lack of business and many would mourn. The Sydney Opera House in Australia would have to close their doors - no more Dennis O'Niell and forget the feather boas because it is far better fun talking about how Trump is afraid of the Lib Dems.

I see the future stretch before us all - four boring years of tired Twitter hashtags about Donald Trump.