Is Donald Trump trembling in his boots over mass occult and witch spells? Donald Trump publicly professes to be a Christian and he might very well need to be for real in his religious life as the witches and occult groups across the world have put a binding spell on him and they will keep doing it on certain days with special occult power until he leaves office or rots in hell, whichever is more convenient.

The question really has come down to a battle of the faiths; the Muslim faith, the Christian faith, the Wiccan faith and now all the occult faiths in the land of the mighty strange.

We should not forget the faith and love millions of American put in their celebrities and some of those are gleefully casting their own spells against Trump. Del Rey dressed up in black and did her bit for the fight of good against evil and implored her fans to gather the other ingredients necessary to complete the ritual spell. Reports of midnight spells, internet spells, people rushing off to buy carrots and the worst photos of Donald that they can, are streaming across both social and mainstream media.

Donald Trump - the faith divider

Christians label this as evil behavior and the witches label Trump as evil and the Muslims at the heart of it all probably hope that they all explode themselves in godly bolts of lightning.

The whole situation is almost hilarious and once again America sits at the center of the world's laughing stock. Well, perhaps not all the world - certainly in Africa, where much of the religion is interwoven into ancestral worship and lots of weird things can happen at full moon when you should give thanks you were not born as a black goat - there could be some tolerance of occult intervention in politics.

Is Trump really a Christian?

It was no big surprise that CNN reported that Trump does not live up to the 'rules' of being a Christian, Their report made him out to be window dressing his Christianity; and they even managed to trash the word of Paula White - the pastor who claims Trump is a 'born again' Christian. The CCN report acknowledged that Trump was raised in a Christian family but they also managed to point out that the church and Sunday schools he attended were directed at the wealthy - so CNN has obviously decided that Trump is not really a Christian.

To be fair to CNN they painted Hillary Clinton with some questionable aspects of living by the rules of Christianity, but overall gave her the thumbs up because she prayed during the Lewinsky scandal and used to be a Sunday School teacher.

Here we run into another faith divide. The Catholics believe one thing (lots of rules), the methodists another (not so many rules) and the prosperity churches (Donations buy salvation) another and the 'Hallelujah-born-agains' hate all of them but God will forgive everything as they are washed white as snow (forever). For the sake of Trump, let us assume that the more singing, praising, jumping, swooning, talking in tongues and shouting of 'Amen" Christians are right about who is right and wrong in the eyes of God.

If Trump is a Born Again Christian then he need not tremble in his boots over a worldwide crusade by the 'evil' ones who are casting their carrot spells and investing in tarot cards.

Will the spells win out?

Born again means that you have 'taken Jesus into your life' and the devil cannot touch you. That is because the devil is lower than Jesus. Jesus forgives you your sins and so you are his forever - unless you give praise to the devil for something God did...(or something close to that). The power of Jesus is so great, that in Jesus name all Trump has to do is say "in Jesus name I rebuke you," to the spell against him and he will be safe. We just have to wait now and see if he does this on Twitter...a video would be nice, amusing, fun and pretty hilarious, just like the antics of the libs who just won't suck the situation up and get on with intelligent and strategic planning towards the election campaign in four years time.