Portland protests resulted in Police action for the second time in a week following the presidential inauguration on January 20. The failure of the liberals to accept the election results which resulted in President Trump taking power and the disruption of public just trying to go about with their daily business is starting to smack of 3rd world politics.

Is American democracy becoming a parody? After all, the USA citizens have for many years dissed the failed African State presidents for ignoring election results, violent confrontation between police and protestors and disgust at deaths of so many people who lost their lives through "necklacing." Most people recall that "necklacing" happens when a group of protesters decide that they will place an auto tire around the neck of someone, fill it with petrol and set them alight.

Portland protests have not killed anyone - yet

Nobody has yet been necklaced in Portland, but when emotions run high and mob rule gathers momentum, these things can happen. It usually starts with burning papers, dustbins, vehicles, tires and then escalates to buildings and then people. In South Africa, such violent protests have escalated over xenophobia, lack of efficient services or just the fact that people want more schools, or more trains, or new buses. But even in 3rd world Africa, these protests seldom turn violent over dissatisfaction with a genuinely elected president, as such a phenomenon is so seldom experienced on the continent.

Watch Portland protesters

Africa looks with envy to the western world as they see democracy in action.

They see a constitution that works, a proud nation who stand by their election policies and they see a powerful nation where everyone benefits from this in the long run. There is no stealing of elections, no dictator to bash his detractors over the head with hammers - like Uganda - no abduction and death of detractors as seen in Zimbabwe and no slicing and dicing of ethnic minorities through the industrial sawmills as witnessed in the Congo.

But the USA is losing credibility. It is with great alarm that middle-class Africans see riot police confronting protesters who appear incapable of resolving their issues over the democrat loss of the elections in the USA in a civilized manner.

Watch protesters in Africa

As reported by Katu.com, the Direct Action Alliance arranged further protests on Friday following police action to disperse them on the Wednesday inauguration day.

The protesters had promised to "disrupt" Portland traffic throughout the day. This caused a lot of inconvenience to people going about their business so the police dispersed the crowd.

The rule of consent

The Alliance in Portland bang on about how they are entitled to cause these kinds of problems, citing the rule of consent, saying that they do "not consent" to the new President Trump. Unfortunately for them the rule of consent where the popular vote results in a popular president, carries no weight as the College vote is part and parcel of the constitution and part of the legal process in Amerian politics. They would be far better off and gain more credibility by working towards a peaceful change to that constitution as behaving like third world proletariat is so very passé.