Is it tit for tat or fighting fire with fire? Earlier this week, the White House placed a ban on CNN, halting interviews with the administration’s personnel. The White House felt it was best to send surrogates to places where they could promote the Trump agenda. Lest we forget, tables do sometimes turn and at some point, all networks, with the exception of one, may reach their breaking point and say enough is enough. It appears CNN has arrived at this point, at least for Sunday. The popular news channel declined an offer from the White House to have Kellyanne Conway speak on behalf of the president on Sunday’s “State of the Union” show.

The media is not the enemy and needs to take a stand

Huffington Post reports that Vice President Mike Pence will make appearances on ABC’s “This Week,” CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Fox News’ “Sunday,” and NBC’s “Meet the Press.” However, there will be no official representing the White House on CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Jake Tapper. CNN has famously been attacked by Trump and his spokespeople for not glossing over facts in order to speak favorably of him. This resulted in the network being labeled as unfair and fake news. The Huffington Post adds that CNN even declined their offer to send multiple guests for “State of the Union."

Living in a world of lies vs. reality

Trump’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, who has been embroiled in one controversy after another, came under fire this week for blaming refugees for the “Bowling Green massacre.” Conway lashed out at the media for not covering this massacre, which never happened.

Conway’s defensive and combative approach has also reached its peak with people who complain about and mock the mother of four on Twitter regularly. The administration is scarred by a barrage of Alternative Facts spewed from the head on down, a river of alarming information leaked by staffers who seem to be crying out for help, and public outrage demonstrated by not only Americans, but citizens from other countries as well.