America has seen many movements in its history, some good and some not so good. The BLM may have started out as something peaceful, an opportunity to gather together and state their case. But now, it is not a group of peace. These people who are now standing for this movement are rioting in the streets, making lives miserable for white police officers and not really helping their cause.

They say the want to be treated as equal, not limited to what our fore fathers suffered at the hands of cruel slave owners in the 1800's. After the war of 1860 slavery was abolished in the US, but African's were still treated differently and were given certain rules to follow.

They were treated as a group who were lower than their white neighbors and were forced to follow the Americans way and not the freedom they thought they would get.

Freedom Fighters

Martin Luther King Jr, if he was alive now, I believe would be weeping and wailing if he saw what the people he fought so hard for to bring about equality are doing now in this day and age. Martin Luther King had a dream, he dreamed of the day when men and women of all color would walk the streets of America in peace. That is not what is happening today. Police officers are being killed, special needs kids are being tortured, and people are being hurt, killed, robbed and raped on both sides.

Leave the Past in the Past

One of the things that African Americans like to do is bring up how they were treated in the past. I wonder about something, why do you keep bringing up things that have already happened? You can't change the way thing were, it has already happened and the only thing the past brings is the pain that those memories cause.

Why do we bring up the past to fight our battles that are in the present, the here and now?

All I ask for is peace

The fact that we all are choosing sides is wrong. We as a nation should not be divided, and this Black Lives Matter is doing just that. Where is the freedom that we once had where we were proud to be seen walking along side our fellow brothers, or officers of different races doing their jobs together? All I'm saying is this, we have to stop thinking of each other as enemies, and instead, take away the hate that has risen back up and strive for peace. Only then can this nation be untied again.