Donald trump's win is an eyesore to many and the so called 4th estate and intelligentsia has gone hammer and tongs to try and de-legitimize the win of Donald. The victory of Donald to this group is more galling, especially after they had convinced themselves that Hillary would win as almost all Gallup polls predicted a Hillary win. When the opposite happened the Democrats and some GOP members who had been caught with their pants down had to have something to show that Donald won with external manipulation. This is the essence of the allegations made by Obama and company accusing Russia of hacking and having interfered with the US election.No proof whatever is published and all is in the realm of rhetoric, the aim being to show that Donald is not a worthy winner and delegitimize his victory.

Obama legacy

Obama himself seeing his legacy being reduced to zero has taken the initiative in imposing sanctions against Russia. With just 3 weeks to go for the end of his term, Obama in a last ditch action tried to make things difficult for Trump by imposing unprecedented sanctions on Russia. His game was clear, to queer the pitch for the president-elect and at the same time sow doubt in the minds of the American people that Donald is not worthy of being president. it was a devious plan but it backfired as Putin refused to take the bait and did not retaliate. No American has been expelled and Putin has said he will wait for Donald to step in as president.

Last word

The fact is, as pointed out by Donald, there is not much proof of any Russian hacking, otherwise, the Obama administration would have made it public.

Obama himself is guilty of much more. He has the blood of a US ambassador on his hands. One can see that this man has a devious mind and I wonder if he was the best thing that happened to America? His legacy that includes the rise of ISIS and return of the Taliban will be the subject of study for a long time. He also lowered the American prestige globally, with Iran and China adopting threatening postures.