Many expect Hillary Clinton to dust herself off and make another run for president in four years. Then there are others who believe Hillary is about to announce her candidacy for the mayor of New York any day now as that election is only nine months away. But an insider, one who has actually revealed their name, has said Hillary is done with elections and she believes she will never run for office again.

False sense of security?

Hillary took a beating in the world of politics, as she started off her campaign with such self-assurance that she didn't seem to put the effort into campaigning that a serious contender would.

Her dance with Bernie Sanders seemed rather generic at first. He was seen as just someone from the outer wings trying to make some noise.

Bernie turned out to be so much more than just a noise maker, and eventually he gave Hillary some concern. Sanders offered competition within the Democratic Party while Hillary attempted to secure her place as the presidential candidate. The next hurdle wasn't expected to be a hurdle at all, as all her associates saw Donald Trump as someone entertaining the masses, but whose antics would grow old very quickly. History shows that that thought was ill-fated for Hillary.

History wrapped up that story

Hillary Clinton probably didn't do battle the way she should have because she didn't believe she had competition from the beginning, and especially not from Donald Trump.

Don't forget -- Hillary and Bill are the modern-day version of the Kennedy family for many in the Democratic Party. Their perceived popularity also offered a false sense of security when it came time to get out there and gather up the votes.

Hillary is done with running for office?

So who is the person who is pretty sure Hillary will never run for office again?

According to Yahoo News, this would be Neera Tanden. She doesn't expect Hillary to ever run for office again. But...that doesn't mean she's going to walk aimlessly around those upstate New York woods for the rest of her life, either.

Tanden is the president of the Center for American Progress, which is a think-tank associated with the Democratic Party.

She believes Hillary will follow her true calling, which is working on ways to help kids and families. Tanden said that this is something Hillary has been doing most of her life. As far as throwing her hat in the ring, it is more like the towel for Hillary, after the horrendous loss she's still healing from.

Tanden made herself quite clear, saying she doesn't expect Hillary to run for the mayor of New York as headlines have been indicating in the last week or so. She was also quite sure there's not another run for the White House in Hillary's future. You just never know, politics conjures up such strange bedfellows.

A Trump administration was not seen as something in America's future a year ago, but he is now ready to become the 45th president of the United States. Who knows? It could be Hillary and Bill running together in 2020. Stranger things have happened.