The women who organized the Women's March on Washington yesterday looked very foolish when their celebrity guest speaker, Madonna, yelled to the crowd that she "thought a lot about blowing up the White House." Madonna took a cause close to the many hearts of the women who organized this event and made it look like a high school protest. A very bad high school protest to boot!

Celebrity fog

The women who stood behind Madonna at the podium with smiles plastered on their faces couldn't see through their celebrity fog long enough to realize that Madonna made them all look juvenile.

Those grown women looking over Madonna's shoulder appeared to be in a daze while gawking at this singer. Not a one of them flinched when she talked about her thoughts on blowing up the White House or sang out that "Donald Trump can suck a d*ck." L.I. called what went on during this Million Women's March a "sign of madness."

Madonna made Donald Trump look like Mary Poppins

Any way you look at this, these women with their star-struck smiles made Donald Trump look like the adult in every room. After the third time Madonna's profanity-laced speech used the "F" word, CNN's TV cameras cut away from the live shot, according to Slate. The organizers can't appreciate that, can they? From all accounts, the thousands upon thousands of protesters were a very polite group as a whole, so why put Madonna up there to ruin it.

Or why not at least stop her as she got going?

Putting Madonna on the stage didn't do much good for the cause, as today Madonna's disgusting behavior has been put front and center in the headline news.

If you ask any person on the street about yesterday's protest, most bring up Madonna thinking about blowing up the White House. Is this the message all your time and trouble went into sending? After those comments, Madonna did roll it back a bit by saying she realizes that won't solve the problem. But the damage had already been done.

People want her arrested, and, according to BizPac Review, the Secret Service is looking into this because Madonna did cross a line. Even people who don't like Donald Trump would rather their kids be in the audience for one of his speeches than have their youngsters sit through another Madonna speech.

Shock value is attention-grabber

Unless you were born and raised on an iceberg, you have to know that Madonna has always been about bringing attention to herself and the shock value is her tool to get that attention.

She did that well on Saturday, but the real question is -- why did the organizers of this event give her a venue to do this?

She 'expressed herself'

She followed this speech with her iconic song, "Express Yourself," but she even ruined that by adding in a final line of lyrics that said "Donald Trump go suck a d*ck." This is how the Million Women's March on Washington will be remembered. To think that some women brought their young daughters to this. The women who organized this event should have taken the mic away from Madonna after the first "F" bomb.

Shame on the organizers

Can the moms out there who took their daughters to the event honestly say they demonstrated to their girls that these are the people who know what's better for the nation?

The mothers who did bring their young daughters must have been mortified for their kids to hear Madonna's disturbing words. You can just imagine the ride back home in the car for those moms trying to get their young daughters to understand this "peaceful cause" after Madonna shared her thoughts about blowing up the White House.

Who is more to blame, Madonna, or the women who didn't stop her once she got going? Or maybe it is the people who allowed her to take the stage in the first place. Her message might be the same as the women who marched on Washington, but her delivery was much worse than anything Donald Trump ever said in public.