India and Chia have been antagonistic to each other for over 6 decades especially after India gave political asylum to the Dalai Lama. In a TV broadcast, the Chinese have claimed that their mechanized troops could in the event of a war reach Delhi within 48 hours. Delhi is the capital of India and about 200 miles from the Chinese border in the central region facing Tabet. The Chinese have also said in the same broadcast that their airborne troops could be in Delhi inside 10 hours. The news has greatly delighted the Chinese masses. The Chinese have a massive military presence in Tibet, which china had occupied after an invasion in 1950.The Chinese have been testing their stealth fighter in Tibet as well as conducting military exercises.

In 1959 the Dalai Lama the spiritual head and ruler of Tibet had fled to India and set up a government in exile.

China and India

The news broadcast by the Chinese Tv is the butt of many jokes in the social media. The Tv broadcast on the face of it appears mere rhetoric but the very fact that such news is broadcast shows the dangerous working of the Chinee mind. China has already blocked India's membership of the NSG as well as declared a technical hold on declaring Azar as a terrorist by the UNO. He has been involved in many terror acts including the Kandahar hijacking and the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai. He is holed up in Lahore

The scenario

Officially the Indian government has not reacted to this broadcast by Chinese Tv.

Obviously, it is not being taken seriously as considering the Indian force levels, it will be well nigh impossible for the Chinese to advance on the Indian capital inside 48 hours in a war. The airborne forces could be landed anywhere, but on landing what will they do? On the other hand, China faces a restive Tibet where many people have burnt themselves to death protesting Chinese atrocities in the area.In a war, the Chinese rear will be greatly threatened by an anti-China Tibetan population.

Last word

Doubtless, Donald Trump will take cognization of the Chinese claim and will have to formulate his policy accordingly. He has already condemned the militarization by China of islands in the South China sea.