Donald Trump may have won the presidency, but it was his wife, #Melania Trump, who stole the show on #Inauguration Day. On Trump’s campaign trail, Melania was often criticized by fashion watchers for wearing European designers, especially during a campaign that was all about “America First” and “Making America Great Again.”

First Lady’s choice of attire

Of course, the First Lady’s wardrobe is not just about clothes, it’s much more. Her choice of style is revealing of her values, her agenda, and above all, what she stands for. Michele Obama famously used her wardrobe as an opportunity to champion lesser-known designers, giving them a name and publicity that they would have otherwise lacked.

In most cases, her selections sent the designers into instant fashion stardom.

But now it’s Melania’s turn

Since giving her seemingly plagiarized speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention Mrs. Trump has kept herself out of the spotlight. On Friday, however, the #First Lady of the United States made a fashionable statement, and an elegant one at that. The statement began at the swearing-in ceremony, in a custom-made powder blue cashmere suit from U.S. fashion stud Ralph Lauren. The look, whether intentional or not, took some viewers back to the Camelot Era of the 1960’s, conjuring images of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

Of course, Mrs. Kennedy was highly respected for being an ambassador of good will, exploring cultures and ushering in a new era of social graces.

To earn such a legacy, Mrs. Trump will have to maneuver through more than a successful wardrobe, but some might say that she’s off to a good start.

Her elegant statement continued at the Freedom Ball where Mrs. Trump donned an off-the-shoulder, six-ply vanilla crepe with full-length gazar arc that opened into a daring thigh-high side slit; a red faille wrapped around the waist to add a stylish finish to a sleek design.

The gown was designed by her friend Herve Pierre, a Frenchman who moved to New York in the 1990’s to pursue the American dream. Pierre has lived in America nearly 20 years, working under fashion royalty Carolina Herrera for 14 years before leaving the brand in February, making this Pierre’s first major dress under his own name.

That said, the statement Melania made Friday was one of patriotism

She wore American brands, designed by people who have lived or are pursuing the American dream, and in the case of Pierre, she’s also helping people achieve that dream. Her presence was perceived as likable and approachable. Whereas her husband’s rhetoric often times is perceived as divisive and pompous, Mrs. Trump has an opportunity to stand for #unity and represent the American dream.

We will have to wait and see what she does with that opportunity. But on Friday, she chose to represent America, and she did it in an elegant way.