#Pizzagate has raised awareness of kidnappings

#Pizzagate may well have been denied, but it certainly hasn't been debunked. It seems that if you get enough of the elite media to denounce something, you now get to call it debunked. I for one, believe that there is enough evidence to come out of the #Pizzagate ordeal, to certainly merit a very public investigation. However, there is no justice for children in this world; as evidenced by 2000 that go missing in the USA each and every day.

The USA has an epidemic of child kidnappings/missing. 2000 definitely does sound to be a lot but let me present it to you in a slightly more unnerving way.

2000 isn't personal enough just yet. 2/100. Look again, 2/100 that's how many children are taken in a year. nearly 800,000 according to the NCMEC. Think about your last Christmas trip to the mall. Did you see 200 children? In the next year, 4 of them are going to go missing. One will be taken by a friend or relative, 2 are likely to be runaways, and 1 will be taken by a sexual predator.


Here's my main stumbling block with Pizzagate. All of these children are going missing each and every day (more than 36% of the global daily total of missing children), yet we never hear about it? Nothing is really done at a government level to address the issue. There are incredibly wealthy Paedophiles who hide behind their power.

America refuses to believe that some of its most influential stars could be Paedophiles, take it from a Brit -- it has happened before.

Jimmy Saville was a great example. He was one of the BBC's most treasured TV children's presenters. I remember watching his show as a kid in the UK. We all loved him. What was released after his death has tarnished the entertainment industry in the UK forever, and with good reason.

What was discovered was so utterly disgusting that everyone who had dealings with the man was investigated. Royal connections can buy you power.

The British investigation into child sex Crime and the sexual abuse of women and men, has returned some prestigious names. MP's (Members of Parliament) Law Lords, Boy George, Garry Glitter, Cliff Richard and even Prince Andrew have all either been investigated or are being investigated with regards to sexual abuse of a minor.

There is so much circumstantial evidence that a major investigation was sought and delivered in the UK. That story is still ongoing. The American Media seems to protect its own.

Government Figures suggest 300,000 trafficked a year!

These are not just the children that are kidnapped. The majority of these victims are those who have been street kids. Those who run away from home or are kicked out of home form the vast majority of these cases. Children that are unwanted, children who, by escaping the frying pan (incestuous abuse) at home, land in the fire as these traffic rings target those whose absence will go unnoticed. If there's not an Amber Alert, there's no finding Amber.

The average life expectancy of one of these kids is approximately 7 years.

That's 7 years of rape, violence, drugs, crime and of being sold into slavery. Some of these slaves aren't even kidnapped, some of them are trusting the state to take care of them as they await parents in the Foster care system. With 1/4 women and 1/6 men having been sexually abused and 500,000 babies born each year who will suffer sexual violence and abuse by the age of 18, it's time to blow the lid on this deception.

The statistics are not known. Many, say most victims of sexual abuse will not ever come forward, or admit to it. This has led others to suggest figures closer to 1/3 for women and 1/5 men suffering. Given all of this, I'm grateful to everyone shining a light on the #Pizzagate investigation. Even if it is merely wild rumor and speculation, the safety of the children in America and around the world needs to be made a priority.