Up until a few months ago, that apple-cheeked boy Barron Trump was somewhat of a loner and enjoying his time with his hobbies at home. But that has all changed for the youngest son of the President-elect today. Sadly, it seems as if Donald Trump's election to the office of the President has turned Barron's life upside down.

Parents up in arms

Today it looks as if Barron is close to being an outcast at that school he attends. Parents of the other students are up in arms over the risk of danger to their own children with Trump's son as a fellow student.

With Barron at the school they are afraid of some type of "violent backlash" occurring and their own children being put at risk.

Melania gets solo use of only school elevator

During a recent teacher-parent event at the school the elevator was roped off and only Melania Trump was allowed to use it. All the other parents were forced to use the stairs. If the Trumps are paying $45,000 a year for Barron's education at this school, so are the other parents. Giving Melenia Trump preference just doesn't sit well.

There's no doubt that it was for safety reasons that Melania was sanctioned as the lone user of the elevator, but this is just one reminder to the other parents of how life for their children has changed.

Seeing Melania Trump as the only one allowed to use the elevator also triggered real fears of the possibility of risk.

The overwhelming presence of Secret Service has also upset the parents, they are concerned with all the distractions and upheaval at the school. It is too much commotion for the kids, claim the parents.

Are these Hillary supporters?

The Mercury News does suggest that the parents making all the noise about their children being put at risk might be because some of them are Hillary supporters. It could be that they are still "aghast" that Trump won the election and they are lashing out about Barron, which is what the website suggests.

Not fair to a 10-year-old boy

Either way it doesn't matter why they are doing this, the fact that it is being done to a 10-year-old boy is atrocious. Apparently some of the school board members for Columbia prep school talked with Vanity Fair. One woman said she was worried about "some type of Mexican multi-car street abduction" apparently putting all the children at risk. Many might find that a stretch.

Ironically the excellent education that Barron is receiving from the school is the reason that Melania doesn't want to move into the White House. She wants her son to continue on with his education where he is. While the headmaster of the school has not responded to media requests, one of the parents said that he is sending emails updating the parents over the unusual circumstances that warrant all this extra security.

Rosie O'Donnell chimes in, causing fury

Barron is in the center of such chaos with recent headlines reporting that Rosie O'Donnell took a jab at Donald Trump via Barron. She asked on Twitter if Barron is autistic and if so, then it would be a wonderful "opportunity" to make people aware of autism. This brought mega backlash to O'Donnell for discussing Trump's child in such a way.

Japan loves the 10-year-old!

Japan has an infatuation with Barron and now an artist has made the young boy's image into a comic book-like character called a manga. The people in Japan are curious about the "sleepy" boy they saw on TV election night. They are infatuated with Barron and consider him a "beautiful boy."

Maybe Barron needs to be living at White House?

While Melania planned on keeping Barron in school at Columbia Prep for his own well-being, with all this going on Barron might fare better in Washington.

He would be close to both parents if Melania changed her mind and moved. He would also get to go to a school that has dealt with having a president's child enrolled before and a school that has experience dealing with these things. This just might be the better course of action for the child.