The third and last of the 2016 Presidential Debates will kick off tonight giving Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton their final face-off before the voters put one of the two in the White House. While Trump and Clinton will have plenty to say, don't forget to keep an eye out for some of the visuals that will grace the debate stage tonight, some may actually tell a story!

Watch for that tie!

Donald Trump wore a blue tie for the first of the 2016 Presidential Debates and while he held his own, the first debate was unremarkable for him and Hillary was seen as the winner, according to Hollywood Life.

Ironically, blue being the color most associated with the Democrats, was the color Trump donned in a tie. Red, which is considered the color most associated with the Republican Party was sported by Hillary. She wore a red pants suit for the first debate.

Then at the second 2016 Presidential Debate, they switched and donned their own party's colors, with Hillary adorned in a navy blue pants suit. When Trump walked on the stage for the second presidential debate he was sporting a bright red tie and coming right out of the gate he kicked butt! Chances are if he has the least bit of superstition in his bones, he will sport a red tie again.

According to "Fox and Friends" live, Trump will come to the podium tonight trailing Hillary Clinton by six points.

Points don't mean a thing to a professor who has 100% accuracy in predicting the next president since 1984. He does this using a rather scientific method and he is well respected in his field. Using his full-proof method, he has put Trump as the next U.S. President.

Lurking from behind again?

While most would agree that Trump will need more than a red tie to turn Hillary's six-point lead around, at least a tie in that color will give him an extra boost in confidence, considering he did so well last time when he wore that splashy red!

Will we see Donald Trump's looming tactic again tonight? If you remember during the last debate he appeared to lurk over the shoulder of his opponent as she took to the microphone. Since it didn't go unnoticed by the folks at home, it surly didn't go unnoticed by Hillary. She had to have felt a bit uncomfortable sharing the stage so closely with Trump when it was her turn to speak.

Anxious or plastered smile?

As a weathered politician Hillary Clinton kept her facial expressions in check during the last two presidential debates. Donald Trump, who is far from a veteran political figure, gave his thoughts away with his facial grimaces and body language as he strutted around the stage. He needs to reel this in tonight, but he shouldn't go as far as plastering that type of fake smile often seen on Hillary's face.


It will be interesting to see just how Trump positions himself on the stage during tonight's presidential debate, especially while Hillary is talking. Will he walk around the stage like he is anxious for his turn, much like what he did at the last debate? Or will he show some control as his opponent speaks this time around?

Hand shake?

That hand shake is getting a lot of attention through all three 2016 Presidential debates. The candidates didshake hands at the end of the last presidential debate,so there's a good chance they will shake hands upon entering the stage tonight. This is something they didn't do at the last debate. They both entered the stage and went to their designated seating without extending a hand forward for shaking!