Peyton Manning, the Broncos quarterback, is getting ready to play Super Bowl 50 this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, but he's also facing drug use allegations. A documentary aired stating that the star Football player used human growth hormone (HGH) to aid in extending his career.The drug use allegations are coming out of a controversial documentary from the Al Jazeera network. Manning’s lawyers knew about the Al Jazeera documentary and are said to have gotten private investigators to look into the situation.

Al Jazeera network makes drug use allegations

The private investigators discovered that Charles Sly was the person who made the drug use allegations against the football player in a video. Sly was a pharmacy intern at the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana, who said HGH was sent to Manning’s wife Ashley back in 2011. After Manning’s investigators showed up at Sly’s parent’s house and interviewed the family, Sly’s father made a recording of Charles denying the accusations against Manning.

The NFL bans HGH, and the substance is illegal to prescribe except for rare cases and certain types of diseases. Manning’s attorneys additionally checked out the Guyer Institute from where the HGH was shipped.

Guyer is a sports medicine and anti-aging clinic. According to Sly, the clinic is supposed to have provided HGH for not just Manning, but for other athletes.

NFL investigating HGH allegations

Because of the allegations, the NFL is reportedly doing its own investigation into the charges against Manning. Manning himself has denied using the HGH and has said the report of him doing so is “garbage.” He did receive treatment at the Guyer Institute in 2011, but says there was no illegal drug usage.

The alleged undercover video of Sly appears in “The Dark Side” from Al Jazeera regarding the accusations of drug usage by professional athletes. Sly (who worked at Guyer) was approached by an undercover athlete working for Al Jezeera hoping to purchase illegal drugs. In the video, Sly names several famous athletes who received illegal drugs.

The documentary aired on December 24th.

The MLB, as well as the NFL are investigating Al Jazeera’s claims, and they're working along with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, as the documentary also accuses a group of major league baseball players. So far, Peyton Manning’s lawyers have confirmed that HGH was sent to Manning’s wife by the Guyer Institute. Manning does not deny this fact, but says they were for his wife, not him.