What does a dancing deer, Tyrannosaurus rat, a pool cleaning solution that eats truck frames, and a hungry bear burglar have in common? No, it’s not a nature show or the latest reality TV show. It’s the latest plug from Farmers Insurance.Anyone who listens to the radio can expect to hear a glut of insurance commercials, and it makes great business sense to pedal car insurance on the radio. If you're driving, then you're probably listening to the radio. All insurance companies compete against one another to sell their products. They always encourage you to call for a money saving quote.

Heck, it’s even free! But, aren't they all?

Insurance companies must really think people will buy insurance based on a gimmick

Insurance companies think they are cleverby using a good neighbor, a talking gecko, or an irritating woman wearing an apronto convince you to buy their products. What they may not realizeis that the common person doesn’t care about gimmicks. People just want to pay the least amount possible for insurance.

The Farmers Insurance hall of claims link is must-see material

After hearing the latest Farmers Insurance commercial about their strangest claims, I visited their website and clicked on theHall of Claims link. I wasn’t disappointed. Marketing strangeclaims is a creative way to get site traffic.

Since sales is a numbers game, it would be safe to assume that they're hoping that a percentage of their visitors will be curious enough to request a quote. One claim mentions a driver’s run-inwith a prehistoric-sized rodent.

For the past 11 years, I have all of my insurance coverage through a company that doesn’t use gimmicky commercials to sell their products.

So this isn’t a promotion to encourage people to switch carriers.I am just recognizing Farmers for using creativity in their latest promotion. It’s a great hook because I rarely (if ever) visit insurance websites. Now, if they ever post a claim involving Bigfoot, a zombie, or an alien, I may consider switching carriers. Until then, drive carefully.