Australia is one of the world’s most dangerous countries. They have alligators, wild dogs, sharks, and snakes—so many ways to die in the outback. And if you aren’t killed and eaten by something with enormous teeth, you could always die in a germ-filled restroom stall.Earlier in the week, someone found a deceased man in a restroom stall at a Hungry Jack’s restaurant. Media sources did not provide many details about the man. It is undetermined if he came to the restaurant alone or with someone. The eatery is Australia’s answer to Burger King. The coroner thinks the man died of a possible drug overdose.

Authorities don’t consider the death suspicious.

How did the cleaning crew overlook a dead body for three days?

Strangely, it took three days before anyone discovered the man’s body inside a restroom stall. Aren’t restaurants supposed to check the restrooms and mark it off on their little clipboards that often hang inside the door?And what about the cleaning crew? Didn’t they detect any odd odors outside the normal restroom ones? Even customers questioned the store’s sanitation policy or the lack thereof. It almost seems unfathomable that a corpsecould sit inside a restaurant without anyone noticing anything unusual.

Like Burger King, Hungry Jack’s serves Angus Whoppers, chicken sandwiches and tenders, onion rings, and chips, which are comparable to what Americans call french fries.Earlier in the year, The Herald Sun reported that Hungry Jack’s will no longer use beef with any added hormones.

They will also move to cage-free eggs. Like competitor's, Hungry Jack's is making a move toward healthier choices to staycompetitive with rivals like McDonald’s and Subway.

Beef provides a way of life for manyAustralian beef farmers. Currently, McDonald’s spends more than $200 million annually on Australian beef. These staggering sales prove the world isn't ready to go vegan just yet. ABC News contacted Hungry Jack’s for comment. The corporate office refused to comment and said they were working with law enforcement to resolve the incident.