We’re really excited to announce the inaugural opening of the Blasting Academy! In the coming months we will be producing a series of informative articles on how to get the most out of your writing by using the Blasting News platform to showcase your work to the world and increase your earnings.

Meet the experts

In these articles we will tap into the expertise of our in-house team, which includes journalists, videographers, marketing specialists, who will all be happy to share their knowledge with you for free.

Sense of community

We will also look to you the blasting community as we know there is some real talent in there! We want to you share your tips, tricks and hacks on how to use the Blasting News platform to your advantage.

Creating more social journalists

True to our principles of social journalism, we want to empower every single blaster with the ability to create compelling stories and tell the news your way. Our goal is to turn you into a master blaster!

What you will learn

We want to show you how to write killer headlines, how to choose topics that people really want to read about, how to jump on trends quickly, how to write in SEO without sounding like a keyword robot, and how to tell your story so that people care about reading it. Then we will show you how to get that story seen by as many people as possible through social media and other marketing techniques and the secret behind making things ‘go viral’.

If you have any suggestions for topics that you want to see covered, or if you feel you have something to offer and would like to be featured in this series, then please email us@blastingnews.com.

Happy learning!