SEO optimization is key in this industry. Blasting News wants to give you some tips on how to get your articles to rank higher on search engines. Read below...

Importance of SEO for driving traffic

As you probably know, SEO is key to driving traffic to your site. You want to optimize on SEO so that you can drive more readers to your articles and make more money.

SEO stands for 'search engine optimization'. SEO is helpful when someone types in a topic on search engines (such as Google or Bing) and what appears at the top of the search bar results are highly ranked.

Luckily, Blasting News has organized our writing platform with mandatory use of H2's, word count, automatic keywords chosen, and external linking so that your articles can rank higher on Google, Bing, etc. Besides what is mandatorily implemented on our platform, there are still many more tips Blasting News wants review for better SEO ranking!

1- Keywords

Keywords are extremely important. Your SEO keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. It is not just about how frequently you are using that keyword in your article but also, choosing the right keyword. For example, lets say people are wedding ring shopping online.

Are people searching the keyword- weddings rings, rings, engagement rings, diamond rings, diamond? The list could go on. That is why it's super important to figure out what is the right keyword for your article. Keywords are specifically important with titling.

2- Titling your articles

The title of your article is arguably the most important.

It not only needs to be catchy enough to get readers to want to click your page but also, worded correctly for SEO ranking. This is where Google Trends can specifically help.

Google Trends

The utilization of Google trends is essential in choosing the wording of your titles. Google trends shows you exactly how your topic was typed into Google search bar, how many people searched for that topic, the location of those people, and the time it was searched.

Google trends is optimal for picking your title. We are going to teach you how to choose the right title utilizing Google trends results.

Please see the pictures below for guidance. Our topic we will be using as an exemplar is 'New England Patriots'.

The first picture is just the first results when I type in New England Patriots into Google trends.

As you can see from the picture, you can filter the time of the search result. If you are writing an article that day, you should filter to the past hour or past 4 hours for best results on keyword search.

The picture above shows the related topics as well as the related queries and the search ratings.

Related queries are super important for picking your title. The way it searched for 'related queries' is exactly how you should be wording your title or choosing what to write about. As you can see no one searched Patriots NFL, they specifically searched New England Patriots with something else after. So, when creating your topic that is exactly how you should word your title to rank higher on search engine results. The picture below this shows where people are located who are searching for that topic. This is helpful if you want your traffic to be predominantly a certain region, etc.

Now for the last awesome feature with Google trends and one that I find very valuable.

Lets say you are deciding what team to write about for the NFL and you are not sure which one is more popular at the moment. Google trends allow for you to compare topics searched on Google and check their performance. This can not only help you with choosing your topics but seeing which one is more popular for search engine traffic. The picture below shows you the traffic and performance of New England Patriots compared to Dallas Cowboys.

As you can see from the red, Dallas Cowboys, has had a bit more popularity in terms of search results especially during the November 13th time period compared to the Patriots. This again, is useful when deciding what popular topics to write about.

According to experts here are 8 quick tips to use for making viral titles:

1- Make big claims- eg: the best video watch here

2- Use you and your- make the titles as personal as possible. Eg: 10 things you should do when working out

3- Use numbers- Eg: 80 percent of females have this or 20 things you didn't know about xyz

4- Use this, that and people within your title- Eg: People who do this are more likely than...

5- Write like you would talk. Be personal!

6- Keep your titles sweet and to the point. The shorter and more concise the better.

7- List if possible. Good listicles bring clicks!

8- Make your article interesting. Don't write about anything that isn't interesting.

Catchy SEO titles on Blasting News

The list below are published articles on Blasting News that have performed exceptionally well because of SEO:

1- 'Game of Thrones'- a brand new theory by a Redditor shakes the whole fandom

2- Ivanka Trump faces embarrassing backlash after sex trafficking tweet backfires

3- Rick and Morty just killed off a fan favorite

The way you can see SEO performance on Blasting News

Many of you might be wondering how to tell if your article is optimized in SEO. The way you can tell if your articles are doing well SEO wise is based on the generic views you are bringing. On the earnings tab of our platform, it shows social and generic views. For SEO focus on the generic tab. Generic means those who are clicking your Blasting News articles from search engines or by visiting the Blasting News website.