The subject of Unidentified Flying Objects (commonly known as UFOs) continues to draw the attention of the authorities. There are innumerable reports of such sightings, and opinions vary. Some believe these have links to spy networks of rival countries. Others believe these are part of some highly secretive missions of the armed forces. Still, others feel these are aliens' efforts from other planets trying to establish contact with Earthlings. In today's highly competitive world, each country tries to outdo its rivals and the possibility of using sophisticated surveillance techniques remains.

These UFOs could be such devices. Daily Mail UK reports about a two-year-old video that shows a UFO splashing into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego. A military radar authenticates this. It shows more than a dozen of these UFOs travelling at high speeds over a combat ship of the US Navy. In August last year, the Pentagon took up the study of the sighting of UFOs by US military aircraft.

Footage of a UFO in July 2019

In July 2019, US Navy sailors aboard the USS Omaha sighted a UFO floating in the air ocean. It appeared to be spherical in shape. An investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell released the footage. He released another video that showed sailors on the Omaha observing the military radar.

It seems there were more than a dozen objects circled the warship. Daily Mail UK says the sailors attempted to measure their speeds, which were quite fast. Corbell did not disclose the source of the videos and said they came from anonymous sources. The military is apparently ignorant about the origin of the UFOs or their destination.

A news report of December 2017 poses the question of whether UFOs visit us from time to time.

Sighting of UFOs by US Navy personnel

There are several instances of UFOs seen by personnel of the US Navy. One is of a pilot of the US Navy who, along with his colleagues, had seen these objects quite regularly off the Virginia coast.

A former Navy Lieutenant says the UFOs or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) threaten national security. Daily Mail UK says he talked about this on May 16 in an interview with a media outlet. He elaborated that sightings of this nature were in protected air space between 2015 and 2017. The officer goes on to mention an encounter during the same time. It happened off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. In January, former President Donald Trump wanted a detailed study done on UFOs within 180 days. The government could release a report in June on such incidents. The origin of UFOs remains shrouded in mystery. As a former director of national intelligence explains – these sightings are by pilots of the Navy or the Air force or through satellite imagery.

Hence, authentic. Moreover, it isn't easy to replicate their movements and speeds.

Some UFOs can travel in the water

According to New York Post, an investigative reporter George Knapp of Las Vegas, is knowledgeable on UFOs. He admits that the origin of these objects is mysterious. In case they are from other countries, they displayed superior abilities. They could enter the ocean and travel through the water as easily as travelling through the air. The Pentagon has confirmed an 18-second video that showed three UFOs hovering over the USS Russell in July 2019. Defence officials would present a detailed report to Congress next month on everything the government knows about UFOs. There must be clarity on the subject. That will help remove misconceptions because sighting these unmanned flying objects or UFOs is a global phenomenon.