There is a global curiosity about UFO. These are unidentified flying objects and keep appearing in different parts of the world. Those who see them try to record the incidents and discuss the sightings with like-minded people. In view of mystery surrounding these, a task force of the Pentagon would investigate the matter. It would focus on the circumstances pertaining to sightings of this nature by the military of the United State. Usually, these are visible for brief periods and mostly during the night. The first reaction is one of surprise. There are very few recorded evidence in the form of photographs or videos and people imagine possibilities of visits by extraterrestrials.

The Pentagon would try to solve this mystery and bring more transparency.

CNN says Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist will play a major role in this exercise. He would help oversee the task force, and details would follow. The Pentagon had conducted a similar exercise earlier but it involved the US Navy because many of the documented encounters involved their aircraft. The issue of UFO reportedly flying over military bases in the US poses possible risks to military jets. Members of Congress and officials of the Pentagon are concerned.

These might fall in the category of drones operated by adversaries to collect intelligence rather than extraterrestrials.

UFO could be drones of adversaries

There could be a more plausible explanation for the unidentified flying objects, popularly known as UFO. CNN mentions about the Senate Intelligence Committee. It had voted in June to entrust the Pentagon to go into the matter and analyze the encounters.

This was after the Pentagon released videos about encounters between December 2017 and March 2018. President Donald Trump saw the footage and described it as “a hell of a video.” He was also curious to know whether it was real. Sen. Marco Rubio was chairman of that committee. He told a media outlet - "We have things flying over our military bases and places where we are conducting military exercises, and we don't know what it is and it isn't ours, so that's a legitimate question to ask." He expressed doubts that these could be the handiwork of other countries.

They probably wanted to gather data on matters related to American intelligence.

Doubts on origin of the UFO

According to The Hill, in order to ensure more government transparency into investigation of UFO, the Pentagon would examine available reports on unidentified flying objects. US pilots have reported encounters with these mysterious objects. Videos are available as evidence but there is no apparent explanation. Hence, a dedicated task force would study the issue in totality. A Department of Defense DOD statement of April says - “The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as ‘unidentified.’ ”

There is curiosity surrounding the UFO

There is a general belief that life exists on places other than the Earth.

Scientists look at the red planet Mars as one location where there might have been life of sorts at some point of time. H. G. Wells had imagined an invasion by Martians in his famous novel “The War of the Worlds.” That was in the 19th century and long before the advent of space travel. The thinking continues and aerospace agencies are searching for the presence of life on Mars. Some people believe that intelligent beings might be scouting around our planet as we are trying on uncover the secrets of the red planet. In December 2018, mainstream media finally covered the possible existence of UFO's and alien life. Subsequently, in May 2019, The Pentagon admitted it was checking into incidents of UFO sightings until 2012.

The interest in UFO is borne out by movies like “Independence Day” and “ET”. The unidentified flying objects create a wonderful backdrop for sending people on trips of fantasy. The entertainment industry has exploited this to the hilt with sci-fi movies that have a ready market.