Spokane teenager Bailey Cederblom has been missing for over 36 hours, and her mother is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that may lead to her location. The 13-year-old disappeared in the middle of the night just over a day ago, leaving behind a note indicating that she'd be back home. With time continuing to pass with no sight of this girl, it's becoming more and more possible that she could have met foul play.

Bailey Cederblom was talking to men on Snapchat

Friends of the missing Spokane teen confirmed to her mother that she talked to at least one man on the popular social media app.

This man's identity is unknown at this time, but Bailey's mother was told that she had actually planned to be home by 6:00 AM, just about an hour or so after leaving. Thirty-six hours later and there have been no sightings of this missing girl, and she has not contacted any of her loved ones.

Police in Spokane have not released any information regarding the search for Bailey Cederblom. They have focused all of their attention on looking for the girl since she disappeared -- on foot -- while temperatures are dangerously cold. At the very least, there are fears that she could have gotten hurt or lost while walking, and the bad weather conditions put her in grave danger. Nonetheless, the silence regarding the presumed details of this disappearance is disturbing.

Reward offered for information

The mother of Bailey Cederblom is offering $5,000 for any information that could lead to locating the 13-year-old girl. If you have seen this girl at all, you are encouraged to call in a tip with the Spokane police -- or call 911 immediately. Cederblom's mother is hopeful that the reward may inspire someone to say something.

With this being such a young teenager, if she is being hidden or protected by anyone in her group of friends, someone's likelihood of calling authorities may be increased by this reward option. That's at least one hope that the missing girl's mother can hold onto while she awaits any sign that Bailey is okay.

Bailey needs medical attention

The missing Spokane teen mother says that she had recently had some oral surgery that required her to take medication. This medication schedule is what actually led to the discovery of the girl's disappearance. The mother of Bailey Cederblom says that she found her missing from her room at around 5:00 AM when she was taking the girl her next dose. Wherever this girl is, after 36 hours, she has not been taking the medication she was prescribed after getting surgery. She could likely be in tons of pain if someone is not looking after her.

If you know anything about this girl's disappearance, please do not hesitate to notify the authorities.