Coronavirus, a disease with origins in China, has devastated society and forced businesses to red. It has taken a heavy toll on lives worldwide and sown seeds of suspicion among people. Hence, it is necessary to wear a facemask, maintain social distancing, follow personal hygiene, and avoid crowds. Against this background, the rollback of coronavirus restrictions by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is undoubtedly a bold step. The order lifts the state's mask mandate apart from capacity limits in bars and restaurants. The advice to residents with medical conditions and those over the age of 65 is to limit outdoor activities.

Her new Public Health Disaster proclamation is meant to ease existing public health measures from Sunday.

The order ends the need to wear facemasks in public spaces. The order also lifts the capacity limit of both indoor and outdoor gatherings across the state but "strongly encourage that all businesses or other employers remaining open with in-person operations take reasonable measures under the circumstances of each establishment to ensure the health of employees, patrons and members of the public, including social distancing practices, increased hygiene practices and other public health measures to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19." The Iowa Department of Public Health feels the decision of the governor is premature.

This is even more so because of discovering a new, more transmissible version of the coronavirus from the U.K. in three Iowa residents.

Iowa lifts coronavirus restrictions

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says her state has one of the slowest rollouts of the vaccine. The Governor is also easing the restrictions in the field of education.

She has signed legislation on January 29 regarding full-time school. It allows parents the option to send their children back to school full-time. Incidentally, there is a decline in the number of daily cases of the coronavirus in Iowa. Moreover, the state's hospitalizations from the virus have also reduced since its peak in November.

These are positive signs.

Iowa wants to bring back normalcy from coronavirus

The Iowa Public Health Association official told a media outlet : “I don't think it's a good idea, to put it bluntly.” She is Lina Tucker Reinders, executive director of the association. She reminds us that many people want a vaccine, and it is not right to lower our guards. Governor Reynolds had introduced a mask mandate only in November. It was late in the day. A section of residents criticized the relaxation, and those in nearby states were worried because of the possibility that the virus could spread. Some welcomed the move. One of them was Jessica Dunker, president and CEO of the Iowa Restaurant Association. She looks at it as a fillip to businesses because of the approaching Super Bowl.

San Francisco also eased restrictions because of a drop in coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus restrictions were in place since before Thanksgiving

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has withdrawn restrictions on Iowans to wear masks inside public buildings. Limits on both indoor and outdoor gatherings are also removed. These restrictions were in place in Iowa since before Thanksgiving. Jessica Dunker has praised the order. In her words – “Quite frankly, it allows us to go back to doing business at a really critical time." This is because it is time for the Super Bowl, and businesses will benefit. People can come in and safely watch the big game. Incidentally, Japan expects to host Tokyo Olympics despite threats of coronavirus.