Tesla has begun to produce Model 3 electric cars in its factory in Shanghai for its customers in China. Billionaire CEO Elon Musk knows that Renewable Energy is the answer for the future. He owns Tesla and is confident that electric cars will eliminate fossil fuels. That, in turn, will help arrest global warming, which is a major threat to the world. The factory in China has produced the first batch of cars within one year of setting up production facilities. In order to boost the morale of the employees, fifteen of them were among the first customers.

CNN quotes Wang Hao, general manager for Tesla China, saying that employees of the company would receive their cars within the next couple of days and delivery for other customers would begin next month. It took just 10 months to complete the plant in Shanghai and trial production began in October. Subsequently, the cars were sent to test centers where customers got an opportunity to test-drive them and get a feel of things. The carmaker began taking orders for these cars since October 25.

China is a big market for electric cars

Elon Musk has studied the market of electric cars.

People in China know the name Tesla because it has been doing business in the country since 2014. It was one of the first offshore outlets for the firm and Elon Musk describes the Shanghai factory as a "template for future growth." He knows the market of electric cars is emerging at a fast rate and is poised for growth. There is a need to define workable strategies that would pay rich dividends.

The company has set itself an impressive annual target from this factory and it aims to reduce production costs.

CNN adds that Shanghai is the first Tesla production plant chosen outside the United States.

The company has plans to expand its base and it could build a second manufacturing plant in Berlin. That would help it to gain entry into Europe.

Tesla will ensure improved infrastructure

According to Reuters, the U.S. electric vehicle maker is keen to improve the infrastructure in China for hassle-free rides. One of its actions would be to build an adequate number of service centers and charging stations. Such an action would assure customers of standardized after-sales service. Another action on the anvil is to augment the number of service centers and fast-charging stations by next year. Incidentally, the Chinese market is a huge one with nearly 1.3 million new-energy vehicles sold last year.

People are realizing the positives of switching over to electricity instead of fossil fuels to power the vehicles. It has many advantages like the reduction of pollution and less generation of gases that are harmful to the environment. The obvious answer to fight these evils is to go in for electric cars and Tesla wants to tap in on this huge potential.