Donald Trump wants to fulfil his campaign promise of a US-Mexico Border Wall at any cost, but Congress is not sanctioning the funding to the extent of more than $5 billion. In desperation, Trump has gone in for a Shutdown that is now into its 22nd day. It has entered the history books as the longest US shutdown, surpassing the one in 1995-96. That was during the tenure of the then president Bill Clinton when he clashed with Republicans over issues like health, education and other spending.

Sky News reports the president is determined to get the funds for the US-Mexico border wall at any cost and there are no signs of his yielding to pressure.

The shutdown which began on December 22, has entered its 22nd day and has affected nearly 800,000 workers who are now without pay. The standoff is between Donald Trump and the Democrats who are reluctant to release the $5.6 billion required to build it.

Deadlock in talks leading to the shutdown

The situation is tricky because Democrats are in control of the House of Representatives. Donald Trump has forced the shutdown and threatened to declare a national emergency to have his way. Talks between the two parties have not produced any solution. The president had, reportedly, walked out of a meeting dismissing it as a "total waste of time." The meeting was with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer.

The shutdown has affected the people who "live paycheck to paycheck" with monthly earnings that range from $500 to $700. Representatives of affected workers have pleaded for an end to the shutdown.

Unless better sense prevails, the situation could spiral out of control, and those in power must evolve a solution because common workers are at the receiving end. Moreover, the absence of workers is leading to maintenance problems, and there were three deaths reported in national parks because of shutdown.

Shutdown creates a crisis

According to CNBC, the Republicans and President Donald Trump are trying to find out a way to come out of the crisis. It could lead to unwanted situations because federal workers have their pay statements but no pay. They will have to wait for the federal government to reopen. The shutdown has entered its 22nd day, and Trump could declare a national emergency to build the wall. However, it seems a section of his own party was not in favor of such a line of action, and the president wants Congress to evolve another alternative. Many in the White House fear the outcome of the ongoing crisis could have an adverse effect on the future and voters could turn against the president.