Cases of COVID-19 have continued to mount among high-profile politicians in the United States. Several of which have been especially dangerous. Including U.S. Representative-Elect Luke Letlow, who was hospitalized with COVID-19 and has been moved to the ICU.

Congressional novel Coronavirus cases have ripped through both sides of the aisle. At least two more cases were added to the list on December 23. One Democrat and one Republican.

Rick Larsen tests positive for active COVID-19

U.S. Representative Rick Larsen announced that he's tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

He announced it to the public on December 23. Although, according to The Hill, he received his test result the day before.

Larsen has gone into quarantine. He indicated that he would vote by proxy if it becomes necessary.

A moderate Democrat, Larsen represents the 2nd Congressional District of Washington. The district is based in the Seattle region. He was first elected to the House in 2000. His predecessor, Republican Jack Metcalf, was retiring. Larsen has been re-elected 10 times since then. Before going into politics, he was a public affairs director and lobbyist in the dental industry.

He currently sits on the House Committees for Armed Services and Transportation and Infrastructure. Larsen also chairs the Transportation and Infrastructures Subcommittee on Aviation.

Kevin Cramer tests positive for COVID-19 antibodies

U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota has tested positive for antibodies from COVID-19. Indicating that he no longer has the active novel coronavirus, but did so in the recent past. MSN reports that Cramer said never felt symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

Cramer may have made it through the virus relatively unscathed.

Although it's still unclear what the future might hold for those who've contracted the novel coronavirus. But many experts have indicated that asymptomatic carriers could be even more dangerous than those with symptoms. Largely because they can keep spreading the virus by going out and interacting with others. Whereas people who feel sick tend to isolate and take other added safety measures.

A Republican, Cramer is part of the far-right wing of the party. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2018, defeating Democratic incumbent Heidi Heitkamp. Cramer was previously elected three times to the U.S. House of Representatives. He held the single seat in the House from North Dakota. Other positions he's reached include chair of the North Dakota Republican Party.

Cramer is a member of several Senate Committees and Subcommittees. He chairs the Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Fisheries, Water, and Wildlife.