Joe Biden is the presumed Democratic Party nominee to take on Donald Trump in the forthcoming election to the White House. However, in view of travel restrictions and social distancing to combat the threats of COVID-19, it's difficult for Biden to meet and interact with his people. Therefore, Hillary Clinton took it upon herself to innovate. She plans to set out a virtual campaign for Joe Biden, the former Vice President. She and Democratic National Committee DNC Chairman, Tom Perez will host an hour-long "virtual conversation." It will be via Zoom May 19, and the price of tickets has been pegged at rates from $2,800 to $100,000.

There are various categories of tickets and the number of tickets at the lower end are limited.

Daily Mail UK reminds readers that during presidential campaigns, there are different price tags attached for in-person events where one has direct access to the candidate. The rates vary depending on different levels of accessibility. However, in this case, the virtual conversation will be over Zoom. It is not clear how the rates of tickets would affect the invitees at the event. Incidentally, the concept of Zoom is comparatively new.

Companies and individuals use it to conduct multi-person events in view of the implementation of the stay-at-home orders.

Joe Biden received the support of Hillary Clinton

In the initial stages of the Democratic Party race for nomination, Joe Biden was one of many candidates. His campaign took time to gain momentum and in early April, Joe Biden became the presumed Democratic nominee after his rival Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders decided to step aside.

Subsequently, he endorsed the former vice president. Incidentally, Sanders was a candidate for nomination in 2016 as was Hillary Clinton. Biden is an establishment Democrat, unlike Sanders who is a progressive with Democratic socialist ideas.

Daily Mail UK goes on to add that Clinton extended her support to Biden last month.

It was via a live-streamed endorsement video. She is now organizing the virtual campaign for Biden. It will be in the form of a dinner and double-up as a fundraiser. DNC Chairman Tom Perez will also be present at the Zoom dinner. There are some allegations against Biden regarding inappropriate behavior with one of his staffers way back in 1993. Perez did not attach much importance to it and dismissed it as a move to try to derail the Democratic nominee.

Donald Trump will face Joe Biden

According to Independent UK, Hillary Clinton was the Democratic Party presidential nominee in 2016 against Donald Trump. She announced her support for former vice president Joe Biden soon after he became the party’s presumptive candidate for 2020.

He has been struggling to raise funds in order to take on Trump and the strategy by Hillary Clinton might help. In an effort to boost the campaign, Clinton will appear in a virtual fundraiser on Zoom with DNC chair Tom Perez on 19 May. This is one option for the campaign of Biden to raise funds against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

Joe Biden has a tough task ahead

The former Vice President Joe Biden has a tough task ahead of him. It is obvious that the Democratic Party is determined to deny another term to Donald Trump, and Biden has a crucial role to play. The Independent UK says Hillary Clinton did not lose the opportunity of attacking Donald Trump. He was her former Republican opponent in the 2016 race.

While comparing Biden and Trump, she expressed her opinion that the president should be one who listened to science and put facts over fiction. He should be a unifying force like Biden. Her words were: “Think about what a difference it would make if we had a real president, not just one who played one on TV."